Privacy Policy

※ We have been creating a friendly environment, knowledge, connection oriented community to share information in a comprehensive manner to ensure that no unintended incurred.

※ We make rules to ensure the safety and development of our services, wish everyone approved.

※ Please read carefully these Terms of Service so that you avoid mistakes when you have been already members of the site.

※ Here are the policy that our company has established and applied when you become a member in our website:

- When you sensitive search terms, sex, … we will send mail alert. If you continue, you will be locked account.

- When you share a book: we will be censored, if it’s not in the Terms of Service, It will be deleted.

- When you report a book: we check out books. If it’s not error, we will send mail notifications to users already report. Neu user continues to report several times, we will block the account to ensure the safety of users whom shared book.

- When you request a book, it’s similar report book, we will check whether there is information or sour book as if there’s notice mail. If you repeat to request book, we will send alert mail . If you continue spam, we will block account immediately.

- Acts causing for website such as hack domain, ddos, … we will block ip immediately.

- If user carry political, religion issues into website, we will block account immediately.

※ Strictly follow rules will create a friendly environment, to share useful information with people.


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