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Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ by Michi Henning Pages : 1120 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ by Michi Henning (Michi Henning)

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Advanced CORBA Programming with C++ by Michi Henning Addison-Wesley Professional | Feb 27 1999 | ISBN: 0201379279 | Pages: 1120 | PDF | 4.77 MB This book provides designers and developers the tools required to understand CORBA technology at the architectural, design, and code levels.This book offers hands-on explanations for building efficient applications, as well as lucid examples that provide practical advice on avoiding costly mistakes. With this book as a guide, programmers will find the support they need to successfully undertake CORBA development projects. The content is systematically arranged and presented so the book may be used as both a tutorial and a reference. The rich example programs in this definitive text show CORBA developers how to write clearer code that is more maintainable, portable, and efficient. The authors' detailed coverage of the IDL-to-C++ mapping moves beyond the mechanics of the APIs to discuss topics such aspotential pitfalls and efficiency. An in-depth presentation of the new Portable Object Adapter (POA) explains how to take advantage of its numerous features to create scalable and high-performance servers. In addition, detailed discussion of advanced topics, such as garbage collecti

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