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Six-Step Relational Database Design, 2nd Edition Revised Pages : 232 - Edition : 2 - Type : pdf


Six-Step Relational Database Design, 2nd Edition Revised (Fidel A Captain)

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Six-Step Relational Database Design, 2nd Edition Revised Author: Fidel A Captain Pub Date: 2015 ISBN: 978-1481942720 Pages: 232 Language: English Format: EPUB/AZW3 Size: 10 Mb A step by step approach to relational database design and development. Six-Step Relational Database Design bridges the gaps between database theory, database modeling, and database implementation by outlining a simple but reliable six-step process for accurately modeling user data on a Crow’s Foot Relational Model Diagram, and then demonstrating how to implement this model on any relational database management system. The second edition contains a new chapter on implementation that goes through the steps necessary to implement each of the case studies on a relational database management system, clearly relating the design to implementation and database theory. In addition, questions are also included at the end of each of the six steps and one of the previous case studies has been replaced, making the case study selection more diverse. Six-Step Relational Database Design uses three case studies and starts with a statement of the problem by the client and then goes through the six steps necessary to create a reliable and accurate data model of the client’s business requirements. This model can then be used to implement the database on any relational database management system. Six-Step Relational Database Design should be used as a handbook for students and professionals in the software-development field. The technique described in this book can be used by students for quickly developing relational databases for their applications, and by professionals for developing sturdy, reliable, and accurate relational database models for their software applications.

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