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The Key to English Two-word Verbs (Key to English Series) ( English Language Services)

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The Key to English Two-word Verbs (Key to English Series) Author: English Language Services | Category: English | Language: English | ISBN: 0029717205 | ISBN13: 9780029717202 | Description: This manual is intended to help the student, either in a class or working alone, to master a troublesome matter in English verb patterning, namely, the combination verb + adverb (or preposition), with or without a following noun object. These combinations are variously called "two-word verbs" (as in this book), "merged verbs," "compound verbs," "verb-adverb combinations," and so forth. We are dealing, of course, with structures like put it on, call up Mr. Smith, take this information down, in which a verb and a function word (adverb) work closely together to express a meaning. In addition, when an object is present, these words may be separated by noun objects and must be separated by unstressed pronoun objects. Such combinations are usually called "separable" two-word verbs. We also have combinations like get on the bus, look for the money, wait on the customers, which are inseparable - we say get on it, look for it, wait on them - but which nevertheless are more intimately connected than a mere intransitive verb followed by a prepositional phrase. In identifying the inseparable two-word verbs, we have relied almost entirely on meaning.

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