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Native Docker Clustering with Swarm Pages : 248 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


Native Docker Clustering with Swarm (Fabrizio Soppelsa, Chanwit Kaewkasi)

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Native Docker Clustering with Swarm Author: Fabrizio Soppelsa, Chanwit Kaewkasi Pub Date: 2017 ISBN: 978-1-78646-975-5 Pages: 248 Language: English Format: PDF/EPUB Size: 37 Mb Deploy, configure, and run clusters of Docker containers with Swarm Swarm serves as one of the crucial components of the Docker ecosystem and offers a native solution so you can deploy and manage Docker containers. With the recent improvements to Swarm, it’s turning out to be the preferred choice for Docker clustering compared to other alternatives. We will start by demonstrating Docker Swarm features with a local installation, then we’ll proceed through the Docker tools to create a distributed Swarm infrastructure. We’ll discover how Swarm works internally and its theoretical foundations, like its architecture, discovery services and overlay networks before learning how to operate a Swarm cluster. The focus will then shift to deploying massive applications and a huge number of containers over it. Furthermore we will explore more advanced considerations which include scheduling, high availability, security, and platform scalability. By the end of the book, you will understand how Swarm wonderfully integrates with the Docker ecosystem and doesn’t require to re-architect your containerized apps to adapt to another platform. What you will learn Deploy your real-time app on Swarm Understand Swarm’s features and the working of discovery mechanisms Operate clusters of Docker engines Configure high availability and failover mechanisms Explore various security considerations for Swarm clusters Create and manage Swarms on the top of OpenStack Magnum

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