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iOS 10 by Tutorials - Learning the new iOS 10 APIAPI,Xcode 8, Swift 3 Pages : 252 - Edition : 1 - Type : pdf


iOS 10 by Tutorials - Learning the new iOS 10 APIAPI,Xcode 8, Swift 3 (Sam Davies, Jeff Rames, Rich Turton)

Shared by le kaka on 2016-11-26

iOS 10 by Tutorials - Learning the new iOSiOS 10 APIAPI,Xcode 8, Swift 3 Chapter 1: What’s new in Swift 3 (NEW!): Swift 3 represents the biggest change to the language since it was first introduced. Read this chapter for a quick overview of what’s new! Chapter 2: Xcode 8 Debugging Improvements: Learn about the powerful new debugging tools in Xcode 8, including the new Thread Sanitizer and Memory Graph Debugger Chapter 3: Xcode 8 Source Editor Extensions: Learn how to integrate your own text tools into the Xcode UI by creating a fun ASCII art extension. Chapter 4: Beginning Message Apps: Learn how to create your own sticker pack for Messages – with a custom user interface. Chapter 5: Intermediate Message Apps: Learn how to send custom, updatable messages, by creating a simple picture drawing and guessing game integrated into Messages. Chapter 6: SiriKit: Learn how to integrate Siri into your app and process voice commands as you build a Uber clone for hot air balloons. Chapter 7, Speech Recognition: Learn how to transcribe live or pre-recorded audio from over 50 languages and use that data in your app: Chapter 8: User Notifications: Learn how to use the new iOS 10 User Notifications framework, and create Notification Content extensions and Notification Service app extensions. Chapter 9: UIView Property Animator: Learn about a new way of animating in iOS 10, which allows you to easily pause, reverse, and scrub through animations part-way through Chapter 10: Measurements and Units: Learn about some new Foundation classes that help you work with measurements and units in an easy and type-safe way. Chapter 11: What’s New with Core Data: Learn how the new convenience methods, classes, code generation and other new features in Core Data will make your life easier. Chapter 12: What’s new with Photography (NEW!): Learn how to capture and edit live photos, and make use of other photography advancements. Chapter 13: What’s New with Search: Learn how to tie your app into the Core Search Spotlight API and perform deep searches using your app, and how to surface your app to respond to location-based searches as well. Chapter 14: Other iOS Topics (NEW!): Make your apps more responsive with prefetching, make custom interactions with 3D touch, and add haptic feedback to your apps. ==== NOTE: Book+source code will be sent to you if you finish the follow game. To receive this book, please finish all steps following: _ Step 1 : Like and share Fanpage : in public _ Step 2 : Comment at least 5 friends and invite them to like the Fanpage _ Step 3: Message to Fanpage _ Step 4: Receive the Book. (Admin will send one by one)

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