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Database Modeling and Design, 5th Edition: Logical Design Pages : 352 - Edition : 5 - Type : pdf


Database Modeling and Design, 5th Edition: Logical Design (H. Jagadish, S. Lightstone, T. Teorey, T. Nadeau)

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Database Modeling and Design, 5th Edition: Logical Design Author: H. Jagadish, S. Lightstone, T. Teorey, T. Nadeau Pub Date: 2011 Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann ISBN: 978-0-12-382020-4 Pages: 352 Language: English Format: PDF Size: 10 Mb Database Modeling and Design focuses on techniques for database design in relational database systems. The book discusses the entity-relationship approach and the unified modeling language approach; both are used throughout the book when it refers to logical database design for the specification of data requirements and conceptual modeling. The book starts with a description of the life cycle of databases, and it goes on to discuss the entity-relationship model and unified modeling languages. It demonstrates how data modeling concepts are used in the process of database design. The book covers database normalization, including information about equivalence on the function of the entity-relationship and unified modeling language conceptual models, and the relational model of the Boyce Codd normal form. The book explores the difference between object-oriented database systems and relational database systems. It includes a description on handling the impedance mismatch problem by the extensions made to relational systems. Web technologies, including an overview and specific database design issues on XML, are also covered in this book. Lastly, IBMs Rational Data Architect, Computer Associates AllFusion ERwin Data Modeler, and Sysbases PowerDesigner are discussed, and their uses for handling complex data modeling problems are demonstrated. This book will serve as a guide for both novice and experienced professional database practitioners. In-depth detail and plenty of real-world, practical examples throughout Loaded with design rules and illustrative case studies that are applicable to any SQL, UML, or XML-based system Immediately useful to anyone tasked with the creation of data models for the integration of large-scale enterprise data.

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