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Akka in Action (Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker, Rob Williams)

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Akka in Action Author: Raymond Roestenburg, Rob Bakker, Rob Williams Pub Date: 2016 Publisher: Manning ISBN: 978-1-61729-101-2 Pages: 448 Language: English Format: PDF/EPUB/MOBI Size: 13 Mb Akka makes it relatively easy to build applications in the cloud or on devices with many cores that efficiently use the full capacity of the computing power available. It’s a toolkit that provides an actor programming model, a runtime, and required support tools for building scalable applications. Akka in Action shows you how to build message-oriented systems with Akka. This comprehensive, hands-on tutorial introduces each concept with a working example. You’ll start with the big picture of how Akka works, and then quickly build and deploy a fully functional REST service out of actors. You’ll explore test-driven development and deploying and scaling fault-tolerant systems. After mastering the basics, you’ll discover how to model immutable messages, implement domain models, and apply techniques like event sourcing and CQRS. You’ll also find a tutorial on building streaming applications using akka-stream and akka-http. Finally, you’ll get practical advice on how to customize and extend your Akka system. What’s inside Getting concurrency right Testing and performance tuning Clustered and cloud-based applications Covers Akka version 2.4 This book assumes that you’re comfortable with Java and Scala. No prior experience with Akka required.

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