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A Grammar of Spoken Japanese Pages : 210 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


A Grammar of Spoken Japanese (Matsumya Yahei)

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Matsumya Yahei. A Grammar of Spoken Japanese Publisher: School of Japanese language and culture Publication date: 1935 Number of pages: 210 The first attempt to produce a book which interprets the Japanese language for foreigners from the Japanese point of view. Table of contents: i. Sentences bun; ii. Words kotoba; iii. Parts of speech hinshi; iv. Nouns meishi; v. Pronouns daimeishi; vi. Numerical words suushi; vii. Adjectives keiyooshi; viii. Verbs dooshi; ix. Auxiliary verbs jodooshi; x. Postpositions joshi tenioha; xi. Adverbs fukushi; xii. Conjunctions setsuzokushi; xiii. Interjections kanshi; xiv. Prefixes and suffixes settoogo to setsubigo. Glossary of japanese grammatical terms

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