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Engineering Mathematics: Programmes and Problems Pages : 762 - Edition : 1 - Type : pdf


Engineering Mathematics: Programmes and Problems ( K. A. Stroud )

Shared by le kaka on 2016-09-17

Engineering Mathematics: Programmes and Problems This book is brilliant. It adopts a teaching style which lends itself to anyone. The approach taken to teaching engineering mathematics, by this book allows you to teach yourself in less time and with more comprehension than any math book I have seen before. When I was a student of engineering, our teachers often prescribed texts which you could not fully understand without the teachers involvement. If they hadn't covered the chapter beforehand in class you could not confidently teach yourself from the book alone. This book should be used as an example of how the teaching community should change their approach to teaching the sciences. Spend you money on this book without hesitation. I wish this author would write similar books on Chemistry, Physics, Mechanics and every other field of science/engineering.

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