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Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications (David E. Y. Sarna)

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Implementing and Developing Cloud Computing Applications Major enterprises and small start-ups are beginning to embrace cloud computing for the scalability and reliability that cloud vendors can provide. This book demonstrates how to implement robust and highly scalable cloud computing applications. Filled with comparative charts and decision trees to help navigate the many implementation alternatives, the author describes the major available commercial offerings and guides readers in choosing the best combination of platform, tools, and services for a small, growing start-up or an established enterprise. Aimed at software developers and their managers, the text details cloud development environments, lifecycles, and project management.Table of ContentsAbout the Author Dedication Author's Acknowledgements How to Read This Book Preface Executive Summary 1 Cloud Computing is a True Paradigm Shift 2 From Do It Yourself to Public Cloud - A Continuum 3 Cloud Computing - Is It Old Mainframe Bess in a New Dress? 4 Moving Into and Around the Clouds and Efforts at Standardization 5 Cloud Economics and Capacity Management 6 Demystifiying the Cloud: A Case Study Using Amazon's Cloud Services (AWS) 7 Virtualization: Open Source and VMware 8 Securing the Cloud - Reliability, Availability and Security 9 Scale and Reuse- Standing on the Shoulders of Giants 10 Windows Azure 11 Google in the Cloud 12 Enterprise Cloud Vendors 13 Cloud Service Providers 14 Practice Fusion: A Case Study 15 Support and Reference MaterialsIndex,

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