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Harukana machi e 2 (Jirô Tanigushi)

Shared by le kaka on 2016-04-04

Harukana machi e 2 Author: Jirô Tanigushi Publisher: casterman Publication date: 1998 Format: jpeg/rar good Size: 53.7 Mb This is a comic book, which won many prizes and in 2007 a Belgian film company decided to film it. What is it about? On his way back from a business trip, a man decides to take a train back to his old hometown. The moment he pays respects to his mother’s grave in the transformed town, he is transported back to a summer when he was still in junior high school, only with all his middle-age consciousness, knowledge and abilities intact. On this journey across time, he understands for the first time the burdens born by his father, and his mother’s tears. This is the kind of fantasy manga and a serious, delicate, and ultimately moving time travel variation.

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