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Interactive Japanese: An Introductory Course, Book 1 Pages : 318 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


Interactive Japanese: An Introductory Course, Book 1 (Takkako Tomoda, Brian May)

Shared by Blue Galaxy on 2016-03-24

Interactive Japanese: An Introductory Course, Book 1 I have purchased many books to aid my japanese language studies, but Interactive Japanese is by far the best. It teached the writing, vocabulary, grammer and numbers in one volume of digestiable size lessons. Includes dictionary japanese to familarize you their system (it's not alphabetical!) Out of all the books I've bought to learn Japanese, this is by far the best. Instead of teaching first the hiragana, then the grammar, then the syntax, it combines little bits of each in each lesson. That way, instead of trying to learn by rote, you have a way to associate each hiragana with particular words, in a gradual manner. The homework is very good at making you learn the associated lessons. I did find one error. On page 63, there is a Practice #5.3 that has the seasons switched around. It makes it hard to know if you misunderstood something unless you have someone to ask. Other than that, I highly recommend this book to any Japanese language beginner. This might be a very good guide for a person wanting to go to Japan, it teaches lot's of communicational situations

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