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A Survey of English Spelling (Edward Carney)

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Edward Carney, "A Survey of English Spelling" English | ISBN: 0415092701 | 1994 | 564 pages | PDF | 22 MB Published at a time when literacy and spelling are issues of topical concern, A Survey of English Spelling offers an authoritative, comprehensive, and up-to-date overview of this important but hitherto neglected area of the English language. The text brings together a vast body of knowledge, both synthesised from diverse sources and original, unpublished research. The emphasis is on a functional exploration of the spelling regularities and markers that underpin literacy in English. An extensive database has been used throughout to provide a wealth of examples, statistics and analyses. The carefully signposted text and detailed contents listing allow students, professionals, teachers and academics in all areas of English Language, Linguistics and Speech Pathology to access specific information with ease.

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