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A Dictionary Of Basic Japanese Grammar Pages : 636 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


A Dictionary Of Basic Japanese Grammar (Seiichi Makino,Michio Tsutsui)

Shared by le kaka on 2015-12-26

Name: A Dictionary Of Basic Japanese Grammar Author: Seiichi Makino and Michio Tsutsui Format: PDF Pages: 636 pages Publisher: The Japan Times, 1st paperback edition (December 1991) ISBN-10: 4789004546 ISBN-13: 978-4789004541 Language: English, Japanese Review: This book simply has no peer. It is by far the clearest, most thorough, most concise and well-thought-out Japanese language resource out there. If you really want to understand Japanese and how it works, this is the tool for you. You can use this book as a reference when you come across a new grammatical pattern, or systematically go through it to learn new ones. The book explains Japanese grammar points in clear English and gives many example sentences to cover the range of their uses. People often ask me, “what’s the best textbook for learning Japanese?” In my opinion, there are no good textbooks. What you need are good RESOURCES on certain areas, and this is the best for grammar. Unlike all the silly “Mr. Smith goes to Tokyo” textbooks, this book does not make you go through a pointless story from which you mine a few nuggets of information. A Dictionary of Basic Japanese Grammar presents you with what you want to know, with no time wasted on anything else. This and a good Kanji-learning resource are what you need to begin your road to true proficiency in Japanese.

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