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Cisco CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide Pages : 480 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


Cisco CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide (Brian Morgan, Craig Dennis)

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Cisco CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide By Brian Morgan, Craig Dennis 2001 | 480 Pages | ISBN: 1587200031 | PDF | 8 MB The official study guide for the Cisco CCNP and CCDP(r) Remote Access exam Coverage of all CCNP and CCDP Remote Access exam topics enables you to identify and fill your knowledge gaps before the exam date. You'll learn to: Determine site requirements in a central office, branch office, and small/remote or home office, and select the proper Cisco network devices for remote access purposes Deploy physical connectivity of the WAN devices necessary for remote access purposes Implement, configure, and control modem connections Use the versatility of Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)-essential to today's remote access networks Deploy ISDN BRI connections as well as basic dial-on-demand routing (DDR) and advanced DDR options Establish and control traffic through X.25 and Frame Relay connections Manage network performance with queuing and compression Scale access control in an expanding network using the AAA utility CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide is a comprehensive study tool for the CCNP/CCDP(r) Remote Access exam. This exam evaluates your ability to build a remote access network to interconnect central sites to branch offices and home office/telecommuters, control access to the central site, and maximize bandwidth utilization over the remote links. This book covers all the major topics on the Remote Access exam, enabling you to master the concepts and technologies upon which you will be tested. Each chapter of CCNP Remote Access Exam Certification Guide focuses your study and tests your knowledge of the subjects through specially designed assessment and study features. "Do I Know This Already?" quizzes assess your knowledge and help you decide how much time you need to spend on each section within a chapter. The well-organized Foundation Topics sections detail all the exam topics you need to master. Each chapter includes a Foundation Summary section that highlights essential concepts for quick reference. Challenging chapter-ending review questions and exercises test your knowledge of the subject matter, reinforce key concepts, and

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