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Cisco CCNP SWITCH Simplified (Volume 1) Pages : 772 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


Cisco CCNP SWITCH Simplified (Volume 1) (Mr Farai Tafa, Paul W Browning)

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Mr Farai Tafa, Paul W Browning, "Cisco CCNP SWITCH Simplified (Volume 1)" English | ISBN: 0955781566 | 2012 | MOBI | 772 pages | 6,5 MB The Cisco CCNP SWITCH exam is one of three exams you must pass on your path towards becoming a CCNP. The CCNP SWITCH exam will not only test you knowledge of Cisco specific and industry standard practices but also your hands on skills. Cisco CCNP SWITCH Simplified has been written by two Cisco experts - Farai Tafa and Paul Browning. It has been tested by students just like you and proven to give you the knowledge and skills you need to get you through the tough CCNP SWITCH 642-813. About the Book Cisco CCNP SWITCH Simplified features over 750 pages of theory and hands on labs to ensure you grasp all the key concepts you need to understand for the exams and to carry out the role of a Cisco SWITCH engineer. Theory lessons include: Campus LANs VLANs and VTP Advanced Spanning Tree Etherchannels and Link Aggregation Protocols Securing the LAN Catalyst Multilayer Switching Extending the LAN for Wireless QoS and Advanced Catalyst Services Hands on labs include: VLANs and VTP v1 and v2 Advanced Spanning Tree Etherchannel Configuration HSRP CEF Switching Securing LAN Ports Configuring the Switch for Wireless and many more Our Books Work Every one of our Cisco study guides is designed to get you the maximum results for the shortest amount of time. They are not some quick fix by any means but we strip away all the useless jargon, we don't show off what we know unlike some authors. Every example is applied to live networks and you learn how it works in the real world. Once you grasp the concepts you will be ready to pass your exams.

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