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500 Poses for Photographing Group Portraits Pages : 128 - Edition : 0 - Type : pdf


500 Poses for Photographing Group Portraits (Michelle Perkins)

Shared by Yukile Le on 2014-10-14

2013 | ISBN: 1608955524 | English | 128 pages | PDF | 48 MB Filled with images by accomplished portrait, fashion, and wedding photographers, this is a resource for photographers seeking inspiration for their own work when capturing group images. Designed for ease of use, the sample portraits in this guidebook are grouped according to the number of subjects included-working from small groups of three up to larger groups including 10 or more people-and within each section, the portraits are further subdivided into how much the frame shows of the subjects, from close head-and-shoulders portraits to three-quarter-length images and full-length shots. The hundreds of samples provide inspiration and are easily replicated, allowing photographers to customize the source material to meet any type of need.

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