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Nightworld #1-2 (of 04) (2014) Pages : - Edition : 1 - Type : prc


Nightworld #1-2 (of 04) (2014) (ADAM McGOVERN & PAOLO LEANDRI)

Shared by Hân Heo on 2014-09-04

Sad demon Plenilunio rules a haunted castle with his sleepwalking lover Lidia, and unwisely bargains with the evil Empyre to wake her. He's in a race for the mystic Soul Key with teen-from-hades Hotspot and the ruthless Hellena- agents of the Empyre with secret agendas. A four-part thrill ride to hell starts here, with humor, horror, tragic romance, and blockbuster monster fights, from the cult-hit team of ADAM McGOVERN & PAOLO LEANDRI

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