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Elephantmen #0-59 (2006-2014) Pages : - Edition : 1 - Type : prc


Elephantmen #0-59 (2006-2014) (Richard Starkings, Tom Scioli, Joe Kelly & Jill Freshney)

Shared by Hân Heo on 2014-09-04

Some two hundred years from now, the MAPPO Corporation, headed by the misanthropic and megalomaniacal Japanese scientist, Dr Kazushi Nikken, breeds human/animal hybrids in a secure, top secret facility somewhere in North Africa. The Hybrids are composed of numerous African animal species including Warthogs, Elephants, Camels, Zebras, Rhinos, Hippos, Giraffes and Crocodiles. The process involves implanting embryos into the wombs of kidnapped local women who are disposed of after giving birth. Each child is branded after birth marking them as the property of MAPPO.

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