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Awakening Event - Yin Ping Li 2014 (mrlink.)

Shared by moon on 2014-08-29

[b] The Awakening Event Global Awakening to Higher Consciousness hosted by Yin Ping Li[/b] Meet Yin Ping Li - Teleseminar Host What is awakening? Awakening is a state of being of remembering who we really are. It is not the role we play in this reality, such as, a mother, a father, a daughter, or a son, and it is not your title either, such as, I am a lawyer, I am a nurse, and so on. It is a pure being of who you are, that we are all equal by our birthright, and we are all loved unconditionally, protected, safe, secure, provided, nurtured, and taken care of and that we are god like, brilliant, magnificent, infinite, spiritual, physical, and vibrational being. Awakening, is the key, a doorway of higher consciousness and completely freedom from suffering, pain, lack of the 3rd dimensional reality. Many have awakened from those moments of deep pain that they wish to completely let go of the hold of this physical reality's illusion and turn inward within the depth of their being to seek the solutions of their challenges in life. There are many doorways which allow us to become awakened, for most people and that could be through physical pain, such as: illness, disease, through emotional pain, and the ego pain... and the only way of awakening is by accept our reality and release, let go, and remove the energy that is caused by the negativity of the mind and the emotions that are stored in our physical body, through healing and de-coding of the programming of the limitation in our DNAs, cellular memories and structures. As I awakened, walked away from suffering, I remembered who I really am, and my mission of being born in this life time, that is to help the evolution of each soul and humanity into a higher consciousness, and provide to them instant healing and awakening for those who are ready for it. This desire of service is deeply in planted within the depth of my heart and my being, so deeply within me. I wish to see each soul on planet earth awakened from the illusion of the 3rd dimensional reality of being a school of providing them ways of learning to remember who they really are, free from suffering and struggle of not being good enough, not having abundant enough, not having enough, not safe enough, not in control enough of all those doubts and fears and worries, and all the negative emotions that are not in alignment with who they really are. I wish to help them to opening their hearts and minds to receive and experience the magnificent unconditional love of the divine, true inner peace, a tranquil and the peace of the mind, and feel accepted, loved, safe, secure, and in control of their life and destiny and the true freedom to be who they are, to do what they love, and to experience life as it is, one with all, deeply connected with God and the divine and all souls, yes, a life and experience of heaven on earth. [b]Meet Brad Codd - Teleseminar Producer[/b] I know the evolution of each soul and humanity is not one person job, it is bigger than any person. It is the job of all of us. I am very excited and honored to be called upon by Kuan Yin, divine mothers, and all divine feminine to be the host of the magnificent The Awakening Event teleseminar, that I have gathered the most beloved, most renown, most spiritual, most flowered, most conscious, cutting ego of spiritual, conscious evolution leaders of our time to bring you their personal stories of spiritual evolution, awakening, healing, as well as their daily practices, their teachings, insights, and secrets and stories that they have never shared before, to give you the inspiration, education, insights, and practices that you need in your own personal journey of healing, awakening, and evolution into a higher vibrational being that allows you to walk away from suffering and experience and express the divine that is YOU, and that is the intention of the divine and the entire forces of the universe for you. This is the intention of The Awakening Event telesummit - a Global Awakening to Higher Conscious movement. Meet the Awakening Event Experts: [b]Harrison Klein - The I Am Effect[/b] Today's interview with Harrison Klein was amazing and magnificent! First off, Harrison's awakening experience was a wow! He described how the transformation can be instant and spontaneous beyond your wildest expectations. He explained the science beyond the manifestation with such a simple, yet profound depth of knowledge - and his explanation of exactly how - was extraordinary. And his 5-step process makes manifestation simple and fun. The nuances of the alignment of the conscious, subconscious, and super-conscious mind in your creative manifestation process were so important, yet many have missed this important little detail. I highly recommend you to take time to listen to today's call with Harrison Klein. It is truly for your highest good if you are to manifest the love, success, and freedom you deeply desire. [b]Brent Phillips - Transform Your Life[/b] Today's interview with Brent Phillip on awakening and money was miraculous and magical. He shared exactly how through his personal experience of health crisis to instant healing, that lead him to develop his formula for miracles. The magnificent details and nuances that he shared will make all the difference whether you will create miracles of not... He also help you live to clear your money blockages right over the phone... [b]Larry Crane - The Release Technique[/b] Today's interview with Larry Crane was a rare occasion - an amazing one without question. Larry shared his magnificent story of having all the millions; yet finding himself still not happy and wanting to give it all up. Which led him to Lester Levenson, an enlightened master, alive and in his beingness. He shared Lester Levenson's true story of enlightenment and his method of "releasing" that could work for people just like you. Specifically, he shared a recording of Lester, in his own words, that was a 'wow'. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to hear a true enlightened master teaching in his own words. I highly recommend you find time to listen to it. It is enlightening and encouraging, indeed! This could be the answer to your prayers. It could completely change your life forever... [b]Michael Domeyko Rowland - You and Your Life[/b] Today's interview with Michael Domeyko Rowland was exceptionally 'wow'. He is a true master of supper-conscious mind. His awakening experience and his study of exactly how to access and work with the super-conscious mind was no coincidence. His teaching is fundamental for anyone's spiritual growth and consciousness evolution. It is practical and simple steps are all that's needed to get started. He offers an amazing package that will teach you exactly how to access your own super-conscious mind, and living in that state of being is priceless. I highly recommend that you listen to the interview. You will find there is a tremendous amount of value in listening to this recording! [b]Christy Whitman - Essential Universal Laws[/b] Today's interview with Christy Whitman was again magnificent! I am smiling and feeling so abundant right now, feeling that my abundance level even expanded reaching higher, wider, and further. Wow, this feels so good! What Christy Whitman shared with us today were some simple, yet profound insights that will help you shift from lacking mindset or experience, to abundant mind and feelings of abundance, quickly and easily. She offered many tips on how to do that as well as a guided meditation to bring this experience of abundance into your body and your being, which is critical for abundant living. I highly recommend that if you like to live in abundance in any area of your life, instead of lacking abundance, listen to this recording now and you will find it to be truly helpful!

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