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Be Awesome in PHPStorm (2014) (Laracasts )

Shared by moon on 2014-08-25

Laracasts - Be Awesome in PHPStorm (2014) MP4 | AVC 352kbps | English | 1280x800 | 15fps | 1h 18mins | AAC stereo 128kbps | 289 MB Genre: Video Training Think about how many hours each week you spend within your editor. Doesn't it make sense to unlock every inch of its capabilities? I certainly subscribe to that idea! Why don't you come along, and I'll teach you everything I know about PHPStorm. Hello Minimalism Color IDE Two Important Keybindings Create New Files Quickly Custom File Templates Live Templates Custom Formatting Refactoring: Name and Method Refactoring: Pull Up Refactoring: Extract Interface Refactoring: Extract and Inline Variable Fast Composition Navigating to Sass Symbols PHPStorm's Laravel Facades Issue Multiple Cursors Splits Vi-Mode With Mappings Xdebug Xdebug and Laravel Composer Dependencies and PHPStorm Testing in PHPStorm Code Coverage Why I Use Both PHPStorm and Sublime Text

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