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Shared by moon on 2014-08-24

Illustrator Insider Training: Rethinking the Essentials MOV | AVC 77kbps | English | 960x540 | 15fps | 5h 08mins | AAC mono 96kbps | 598 MB Genre: Video Training Illustrator Insider Training: Rethinking the Essentials is the first installment in a series of courses designed to show experienced Illustrator users to how master core features and build art more efficiently. Adobe Illustrator has evolved dramatically over the years, and many creative professionals may be missing out on features that have been added to the latest versions. This course takes a fresh approach to core concepts, such as paths, attributes, object hierarchy, groups, and layers. Advanced techniques such as combining multiple effects and customizing textures are also included. Exercise files and a free worksheet are included with the course. Topics include: Targeting individual object attributes Adding multiple stroke and fill attributes Modifying appearances with live effects Applying effects to groups and to layers Understanding both selecting and targeting Copying artwork and appearances from layers Using the Outline Object effect Enhancing performance with the Rasterize effect Creating quick and easy captions and buttons Setting up a meaningful workspace Controlling the pixel resolution of effects 0. Introduction Welcome 00:01:15 Exploring the Illustrator Timeline 00:05:12 Getting the most out of this training 00:01:30 Using the exercise files 00:00:25 1. Grasping Core Vector Concepts Starting off on the right foot 00:00:27 Knowing the difference between structure and presentation 00:04:38 Understanding paths and attributes 00:04:56 Distributing stroke weight along a path 00:02:25 Bottoms up: Object hierarchy and stacking order 00:04:01 2. Deconstructing Appearances The all-important Appearance panel 00:00:37 Understanding attribute stacking order 00:06:45 Targeting individual object attributes 00:07:32 Adding multiple attributes to a single object 00:09:31 Modifying appearances with Live Effects 00:07:11 Using multiple strokes to create a border design 00:04:36 Using multiple strokes to create a map 00:05:52 Using multiple fills to mix spot colors 00:04:59 Using multiple fills to create textures 00:04:06 3. Working with Appearances Learning to live with appearances 00:00:30 Basic appearance vs. complex appearance 00:04:27 Clearing or expanding an appearance 00:10:52 Controlling the appearance of newly drawn art 00:05:11 Saving appearances with graphic styles 00:06:54 Changing artwork by modifying a graphic style 00:07:39 Uncovering a treasure trove of graphic styles 00:05:01 Copying appearances with the Eyedropper tool 00:05:28 4. Harnessing the Power of Groups Why do we create groups? 00:01:48 Applying an effect to a group 00:04:38 Understanding the difference between targeting and selecting 00:04:44 Knowing the dangers of ungrouping artwork 00:02:21 Using Isolation mode to preserve group structure 00:06:59 Adding a stroke to a group 00:06:13 Adding a 3D effect to a group 00:03:36 Extending the concept of groups to type objects 00:03:09 5. Taking Control with Layers Are you a layers person? 00:00:33 Learning to use the Layers and Objects panel 00:09:27 Making selections and editing stacking order 00:06:38 Reading and using the target circles 00:08:43 Copying artwork and appearances 00:05:37 Adding effects to layers 00:09:56 Getting the most out of the Layers panel 00:05:40 6. Applying Useful Effects It's more than just a drop shadow? 00:00:48 Adding basic texture with Mezzotint 00:07:50 Generating custom textures with Texturizer 00:12:22 Adding a stroke to an image with Outline Object 00:05:54 Aligning text precisely with Outline Object 00:06:31 Adding callout numbers with Convert to Shape 00:04:36 Enhancing performance with Rasterize 00:02:30 Avoiding pitfalls when using effects 00:06:48 7. Combining Multiple Effects Asking yourself the "what if?" question 00:00:33 Outlining artwork with Offset Path and Pathfinder Add 00:05:36 Adding captions with Convert to Shape and Transform 00:07:01 Creating a crosshatch effect with Scribble 00:05:44 Creating buttons with Round Corners and Transform 00:13:05 8. Deconstructing a Document Working with other people's files 00:00:36 Setting up a workspace that makes sense 00:09:43 Learning to "read" an Illustrator file 00:05:48 Controlling pixel resolution 00:09:14 9. Conclusion Next steps 00:01:02 Mediainfo: Format : QuickTime Format/Info : Original Apple specifications Format/Family : MPEG-4 File size : 12.5 MiB PlayTime : 9mn 56s Bit rate : 176 Kbps StreamSize : 224 KiB Encoded date : UTC 2011-02-23 01:31:02 Tagged date : UTC 2011-02-23 01:31:02 Copyright : Video #1 Codec : H.264 Codec/Info : H.264 (3GPP) PlayTime : 9mn 56s Bit rate : 77 Kbps Width : 960 pixels Height : 540 pixels Display Aspect ratio : 16/9 Frame rate : 15.000 fps Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.010 StreamSize : 5.49 MiB Encoded date : UTC 2011-02-23 01:31:02 Tagged date : UTC 2011-02-23 01:31:02 Audio #2 Codec : AAC LC Codec/Info : AAC Low Complexity PlayTime : 9mn 56s Bit rate : 96 Kbps Bit rate mode : VBR Channel(s) : 1 channel Channel positions : C Sampling rate : 48 KHz Resolution : 16 bits StreamSize : 6.82 MiB Encoded date : UTC 2011-02-23 01:31:02 Tagged date : UTC 2011-02-23 01:31:02

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